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It might be a song name or your favorite singer and press search. After few seconds, you will get on the screen a video cycle with the most relevant video clips that match your search!

Watch your favorite music clips, kids movies or other videos on YouTube with the most relevant results to your search.

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YouTube always has been a major browser for videos online. The domain is a great source for all kinds of videos from informative media, tutorial classes and music videos.  Internet users are able to use such domain for several of purposes and the amazing thing is that it is for free. One of the major videos that is being searched through YouTube are music videos both new releases and classic ones. Users are able to update themselves with the latest music video releases just by browsing YouTube.  Currently, there is another online domain that offers what YouTube has plus a twist of something different.


Video Spinner


Video Spinner is a webpage that has the features almost the same with but with a new interface giving you a new experience of video browsing.  Type in the name of the video that you liked and search it through video spinner and you will have results that are relevant on your keyword search. The Video Spinner uses the YouTube media player to play the video yet gives you a quicker download because of less traffic allowing you to view videos with limited interruptions. When you talk about relevance in search, the video search on video spinner is a lot different with what you tube has.

While logged in to Video spinner, you are using a domain that has less traffic because there are limited users of the domain. So when you do your video search, results load faster because there are only a handful of users of the domain. Although video spinner uses the YouTube video player, the upload speed or download speed of videos is less likely to be affected due to the fact that the users of video spinner consist only of a new number.

Video search using video spinner is a new method for most internet users and that is very true. However, although this method of video search is new, there have been more relevant results posted on Video spinner than that of YouTube.  You would find this domain very helpful and the best alternative for YouTube itself and many will take advantage of it because of its accessibility and reliability.

It couldn’t be denied that YouTube comprises a larger number of internet users browsing through their domain and that will never be altered. Nevertheless, with the emergence of Video Spinner, web users have now an alternative in searching for media or videos using the internet. The range of advantages that video spinner has is innumerable and because of its capacity to load videos a lot more faster compared to that of YouTube, there is a certainty that internet users will soon be divided and when that happens, both YouTube and video spinner will benefit from it.

Overall, the accessibility that video spinner has over YouTube is certainly above than what is expected and soon, a lot of web users will gradually discover the benefits of using Video Spinner which in turn influence more people to frequently use the domain in their video search and browsing.